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Joe Glean.    Joe Glean.    Vote Mean Joe Glean.
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Joe Glean.
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

For all those who chose to rally round my campaign despite the odds, I thank you and pray God’s blessing on you for your support and encouragement!


DAY:  Tuesday, November 5, 2013

If you agree that homeschool advocacy is needed in HD 44, follow the example of HSLDAVA-PAC.  Contact your homeschooling friends and neighbors, and ask them to help get the word out about Glean for Delegate.

See you at the polls!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Campaign update from Stratford Landing

It was clear to everyone present that I must have struck a nerve earlier this evening (Wednesday, October 30, 2013), during my presentation before the Stratford Landing Citizens Association, when I brought up Delegate Scott Surovell’s support of Speaker Howell’s tax hike / transportation plan.  This topic pretty much kept Scott on the defense during the entirety of his closing remarks.  Of course, he tried to say he didn’t vote for it, but I called him out on that lie by pointing out that he voted for the bill’s final enactment, regardless of any preliminary votes he cast early on.

I also got him to sheepishly admit that he was indeed the chief sponsor of same-sex marriage, although he tempered this admission by saying, “I'm not going to get into social issues tonight, because I know most people are more concerned with things like transportation.”  The question this statement left in everyone’s mind:  If the people you claim to represent are mostly concerned about things like transportation, then why are you the chief sponsor of same-sex marriage?

The turnout was not nearly as large this year as it was in 2011.  There were probably well over 200 people there in 2011.  This year there were only about 30, maybe 40.  But just like last time around, a good number came up to me afterward and thanked me for offering voters a good, godly, moral choice.

The Republicans don’t seem to get it, that the pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage message is one that resonates deeply with ordinary citizens.  If only I had the kind of broadcast support the Republicans gave to John Barsa in 2011, the Democrat incumbent wouldn’t stand a chance.

Hopefully my going door to door will have had some effect.  But almost every person who came up to speak with me before and after today’s event said the same thing:  “I keep hearing people say that Scott is running unopposed.”

The following is a transcript of my opening and closing remarks:

-- -- -- -- --

Opening Statement  [4 minutes]

Hello.  Thank you for inviting me to attend.  It’s nice to, once again, be in the company of so many familiar faces.  As you will recall, I was here two years ago.  And for those taking notes, much of what I have to share with you this evening is going to sound familiar.

My name is Joe Glean.  I live in the Mount Zephyr Community, and have lived in the same neighborhood my entire life.  In fact, my home is only about 10 houses down from my parents’ house, and so I stop by to visit as often as I can, especially around dinnertime.


Moderator asks:  Do they let you in?

Yes, usually, but I’m starting to think they like seeing the grandkids more than they like seeing me.  [Shrugs shoulders.]


I have four daughters.  Again, that’s four daughters.  Plus my wife.  So as you might imagine, I’m used to being on the losing end when it comes to casting votes at home.


This year, I am the only person standing in opposition to the Democrat incumbent in his bid for re-election.  I am running as an independent conservative, against the General Assembly’s chief patron of same-sex marriage.  The incumbent is deeply committed to abortion, an enterprise which I feel ought to be abolished entirely.  If elected, I will concentrate on restoring the constitutional rights of our posterity in the womb.  I will also do everything in my ability to defend and protect traditional marriage.

Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage are the two most obvious reasons why no one, in good conscience, ought to support the Democrat incumbent.

But as the election approaches, I’ve noticed Scott has pretty much avoided broadcasting his support of these things.  And with the help of the Washington Post and other media outlets, his campaign has attempted to shift the dialog over to Transportation.  But I’m afraid my opponent will find no safe haven on this particular subject, either.

Earlier this year, he voted to enact Speaker Howell’s transportation bill.  In doing so, he voted for the largest tax hike in Virginia history, making Northern Virginia residents [in Fairfax, Prince William County, Arlington, and elsewhere] pay an additional $166 each year [on average] per person.  Meanwhile, Virginians who live in places like Stafford and Fauquier are required only to pay $50 per year for use of the same service.

I think that’s unfair, don’t you?

And the reason for this disparity should come as little surprise:  Speaker Howell, the man who introduced this bill, is from Stafford, where the lower tax was put into effect.  And according to The Virginia Pilot, the delegates who ultimately went along with this new tax plan mainly did so because the Speaker promised to make sure they’d each get re-elected.  Could this, perhaps, be the reason why the Democrat incumbent faces no Republican opposition this year?  More proof to the fact that all members of the Virginia House belong to the same ruthless club, regardless of party label.

This latest tax hike directly affects the price you pay for ordinary purchases requiring sales tax;  car titling;  real property transfers;  hotel stays;  hybrid cars;  diesel fuel;  heavy equipment;  vending machine sales;  and mail order sales.

It is the largest tax hike in Virginia’s history.

And it was dropped square in your lap and mine, by this man’s vote.  [Motioning to Surovell.]

There is a better alternative: 
My campaign advocates strict economy and the reduction of taxes to the basic wants of the Treasury;  over the incumbent’s devotion to extravagant expenditures and high taxes.

If you agree that these new taxes need to go away, you will do well to vote Joe Glean on election day.


-- -- -- -- --

Closing Statement  [3 minutes]

Virginia is teetering on the edge of a moral crisis.  We are under attack on all fronts, by those intending to corrupt and forever alter the conscience, character and destiny of our Commonwealth.  Not even our closest allies in the Republican Party appear willing to oppose the Democrat incumbent in his bid for re-election.  But I’ve been asked to fill this void.  To challenge the General Assembly’s chief patron of same-sex marriage.  To confront a political culture that is morally inept.  To put aside a politician whose commitment to abortion has grieved and tarnished the heart of our entire jurisdiction.

Friends, I’m going to need your vote on election day.

In 2011, I had my best showing right here, in the Stratford Landing precinct.  And if I do well enough to make an impact here in 2013, even if we do not end up winning the entire district, I am confident we can use the momentum of this campaign to keep this Democrat on the defense, going into the next election.

And if I may add a bit of perspective and encouragement:  Where I live, we have a church in the neighborhood, which is called “Good Shepherd.”  I read in their newsletter that a combined total of over 10,000 parishioners attended worship services there on Easter Sunday 2012.  If those same 10,000 people would simply get themselves out to the polls on election day, with the determination to vote according to the dictates of conscience, just that one congregation alone could decide this election.

The politicians have got it wrong when they attempt to solicit and manipulate votes by promising to deliver political favors to this group or that group.  What I advocate is something entirely different.  We must find a way to re-awaken the true moral strength and purpose of the people.

And we must call on all those who desire to know and acknowledge God;  not in an attempt to coax them over to our side, but to simply demonstrate our willingness – as Good Shepherds – to stand with them on God’s side.

And not to surrender them to the wolf — as the Republican Party has apparently done... and as I could not follow them in doing.

If you want to learn more about me and where I stand on the issues, I invite you to do so by visiting my website: 

Again, that’s rise-to-the-rescue [with a hyphen between each word]  .[dot] com

I’m on the ballot as Joe Glean… if it helps, think Mean Joe Glean


... and I am the only person standing in opposition to the Democrat incumbent in his bid for re-election.


Moderator adds:  Just so you know, Joe, there are at least a few of those “Good Shepherd” parishioners here with us tonight.

[At this remark, about eight or nine people politely smiled and raised their hand in acknowledgement.]

Excellent!  Thank you for being here!

-- -- -- -- --

Joseph A. “Joe” Glean,  
Prospective Delegate for
   the Virginia General Assembly, House District 44.

“On the ballot by voter petition.”


Friday, October 25, 2013

KangEun Kelly J. OlsonTHE KOREA DAILY [WASHINGTON]Friday, October 25, 2013
Virginia Election 2013
An interview with Joseph A. “Joe” Glean - Virginia House District 44.
1.  Please tell us three major issues in your constituency.  What do you think are the most urgent issues that should be dealt with in priority? 

I am the only person standing in opposition to the Democrat incumbent in his bid for re-election.  I am running as an independent conservative, against the General Assembly’s chief patron of same-sex marriage.  The incumbent is deeply committed to abortion, an enterprise which I feel ought to be abolished entirely.  If elected, I will concentrate on restoring the constitutional rights of our posterity in the womb, and I will do everything in my ability to defend and protect traditional marriage. 

2.  Name three main groups supporting you. 

(1)  American Right to Life Action Board (ARTL Action), for my unabating support of the pro-life cause.  No more abortions.  No more exemptions.  No more exceptions.

(2)  Black America’s Political Action Committee (BAMPAC), for my advocacy of political independence, religious freedom, economic solvency and school choice.

(3)  Independent Greens of Virginia (IG), for my support of green initiatives, environmental stewardship and food freedom.  [I basically follow the Cornwall Alliance school of thought — that “people are more valuable than many sparrows,” as Dr. Beisner once put it.]

3.  Do you have any plans which will help the minorities including Korean-Americans to settle down in Virginia? 

I will work to protect the worth and natural equity of each and every human being, without giving preference or showing favoritism to any particular class, condition or circumstance.  This principle of human equity is embedded in Virginia’s founding charter — that we cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest anyone, not even our own posterity, “the enjoyment of life and liberty” or the means of pursuing and obtaining “happiness and safety.”  There are many in power today who attempt to deny, neglect and withhold this standard of right.  But it is indeed the foremost presupposition of natural law, so I would do my best to restore, preserve and support it.

4.  What is your stance on immigration issues?  Do you agree with the idea of increasing quota for legal immigrants?  What about the ‘Dream Act’? 

Regrettably, there exists a perception (put out by the political media and others) that the American dream centers on expectations of wealth and economic security, where all are encouraged to enjoy the delusion of living in a crystal palace and walking on streets of gold.  The true American dream has nothing to do with this lie.  We are one nation “under God,” which means that we live under God’s sovereignty.  (This nation was founded on the belief that our rights come from God, not government.)  And when people come to this country, the only real expectation [that I or anyone else should ever have] is that they come with a sincere interest in joining, learning and being a part of our nation’s Christian heritage, and supporting the American concept of freedom and moral sovereignty, which George Mason aptly branded the “blessings of liberty.”

5.  Do you know about ‘the East Sea’?  Will you support the bill which will mandate the textbooks and other teaching materials to reflect the concurrent names of both ‘East Sea’ and ‘Sea of Japan’? 

This is a prime example of why I support homeschooling, and why my wife and I have chosen to homeschool our own children.  When children are placed into a public school, parents are essentially forced to accept whatever program the politicians and government bureaucrats decide to impose and indoctrinate.  And when the students are forced to learn “facts” that are inaccurate or objectionable, the parents have little recourse but to appeal to their political masters for relief.  That is why I believe homeschooling is a much better option, because it allows the parents to ensure a quality education for their children.  And the parents get to choose their own curriculum, and identify textbooks and learning materials that best suit the needs of their students.

6.  Why do you believe the Korean community should support you? 

Now more than ever, America is in need of sincere, principled leaders, driven not by the lure of political ambition or the promise of personal gain, but by the simple dictates of conscience; the love of God and country; and a strong commitment to America’s founding principles.  You will not find such a choice anywhere else on the ballot.

It may interest your readers to know that I am a 3rd Dan Black Belter of the Kuk Ki Won http://www.kukkiwon.or.kr/eng/index.action (World Tae Kwon Do Federation), and that I trained for over 10 years under Grandmaster Jun Saeng Yoo (그랜드 마스터) http://www.yoosmartialartsusa.com/ at his Authentic Martial Arts studio located in Mount Vernon Square (in the Groveton area, just north of Hybla Valley, across from Honda dealer).

I also happen to be an accomplished, semi-professional studio musician (keyboard player),  조셉  아나스타시오  글린 : 매그니튜드 나인http://enterthemetal.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=9859&category=003003 (Magnitude Nine).  I’ve played on albums released in South Korea and elsewhere, with major label distribution 포니캐년 코리아http://www.ponycanyon.co.kr/about.company.asp (PonyCanyon Korea).  My picture has appeared in Korean language music magazines and other music media outlets throughout Asia.  And I’ve recorded and performed on stage with members of 스트라이퍼http://www.stryper.com/ (Stryper), 갈보리채플 앙상블 주일예배http://www.calvarychapelmanassas.org/ (Calvary Chapel Worship Team), and 마라나타 프레이즈 밴드http://www.maranathamusic.com/ (Maranatha! Praise Band).


Thursday, October 17, 2013

...let us endeavor to take up staff and stone, and drive
saber-toothed abomination back to the shadows.”


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

VCDL-PAC agrees that gun rights advocacy is needed in HD 44, endorses Glean for Delegate.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Vote 411 Voter Guide can be viewed online at:


Sunday, September 22, 2013

What are ordinary citizens to do when the “choice” offered to them by the political parties represents no acceptable choice at all?  How should voters respond to those political masters who would attempt to hinder them from following the dictates of conscience?

Joe’s latest blog entry deals with these and other pressing questions:


Monday, September 2, 2013

The following information has been submitted to The Washington Post.  It is scheduled for publication on Thursday, October 24, 2013, in the newspaper’s Local Living section.  It’s also scheduled to be published online at:  


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“Put aside the politician.”
LISTEN TO AUDIO PODCAST:  http://www.rise-to-the-rescue.com/podcast-01.mp3

If you’ve come here, looking to find a politician, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.

A politician, after all, is someone dedicated almost exclusively to the will of the political parties, the money people, the advocates of special interest, and others of those, possessing a bit of stature and aristocratic appeal, within the political establishment.

A statesman, on the other hand, is someone whose political activity is connected first and foremost to the acknowledgement of God and the dictates of conscience.

With Christian diligence, we trust, hope and pray for some discernible measure of responsible, God-honoring public administration [cf. “good shepherd” leadership] to be restored within the Virginia Statehouse, that ‘statesmanship’ may once again grace the political proceedings of our Commonwealth.

But the fact is:  Statesmanship (such as it once was) no longer exists here in Virginia, and it has not existed to any relevant degree for well over 40 years.

Today, more than ever before, it is critical that ordinary citizens
rise to the rescue of this glorious, Old Dominion.

Indeed, her moral foundations remain intact.  Those founding tenets are adequately reflected and permanently embedded right there in the opening paragraph of Virginia’s founding charter, for all to plainly see and acknowledge.

And yet some are calling it a ‘sign of the times’ that our private and public expressions of those right, sacred principles, are no longer recognizable, pummeled by decades of political abuse.  Defiled by those in power, under an obtuse, theocratic, new age ‘doctrine’ of moral abstinence, and a host of other intrusive, pseudo-religious inventions, imposed by the State.

There is, however, a capable remedy, available to those who might choose to accept it.

Glean announces candidacy, HD 44.          
Urges voters to “Put aside the politician.”

Together, we must give the Virginia General Assembly what it truly needs.  What it deeply lacks.  A person of character, who isn’t afraid to acknowledge God.  Who isn’t reluctant to subordinate himself to the preeminence of God’s authority.

Someone who is able, with competence, to stand before the Assembly and speak in defense of those ‘inalienable,’ ‘self-evident,’ God-given rights, guaranteed to each and every one of us under the Constitution.

Someone whose candidacy is able to spark a revival of the true, moral strength and purpose of the people.  Someone who believes in the ascendancy of mankind, the equity of all human life, the presupposition of biblical principle and the supremacy of our natural rights.

Someone who, in fact, recognizes what is truly missing at the heart of Virginia politics.  And though he is sure to face every possible disadvantage, backed by little more than a prayer, he nevertheless raises both hands to heaven and proclaims:  “Here am I.  Send me.”

If someone like this were on the ballot, win or lose, for better or for worse, one thing’s for sure .
. . it would finally give the people of Virginia a bona fide reason to get out of bed and vote on election day.

And for voters in House District 44 [thanks, in part, to the work that has already been accomplished by ordinary citizens, who recently found themselves moved to petition the inclusion of my name on the ballot], the choice given to us on Election Day 2013 will certainly be worthy of remembrance:

Voters will be asked to choose, whether to abide silently under the rule of those who ad
vocate the establishment of one, ‘neo-secular’ State religion, to rule all religion.  Or instead, to invoke the fundamental right of religious freedom, that is due each and every one of us.

Whether to tolerate the murder of innocent human life, under the bearing of those who advocate the continuation of abortion.  Or instead, to step forward with courage, and demand the equal protection of all human life, as the Constitution, in fact, requires.

Whether to accept the encroachment (and State-imposed adulation) of homosexuality, by allowing those in power to inappropriately endorse and idolize this barren, sterile lifestyle, which is clearly unbefitting of mankind, and which is certain to produce negative consequences for the human family.

Or instead, to restore a proper understanding of marriage, affirming the essential purpose it serves, in terms of helping to ensure the good health and maintenance of the human family, and the righteous, wholesome raising of children.

While there is much more that could be said on these and other subjects, my advice to voters is simply this:  Look at where Scott Surovell (the Democrat incumbent) stands, with respect to each of the great moral challenges Virginia is sure to face in the coming years.  Then look at where I stand.

And on election day, as you approach the ballot box, be filled with courage.  Put aside the politician.  Follow the dictates of conscience.  And leave the rest to God.

Joseph A. “Joe” Glean,  
Prospective Delegate for
   the Virginia General Assembly, House District 44.

“On the ballot by voter petition.”


Thursday, June 20, 2013


Thursday, June 6, 2013



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